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If we look at the achievements lists of the Microsoft Corporation, we can say about it, that he came, he saw and he earned. Nonetheless role of co-founders especially Bill Gates (as Paul Ellen had resigned from post of vice-president due to his illness) cannot be over looked. The foundation stone was laid at the time when two students Bill Gates and Paul Ellen wrote a program for Altair 8800 so that they can sell it to MITS. This small program for New Mexican based company MITS i.e. Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems invited deluge of inventions and fortunes. It was in the first month of 1975 during Bill Gates's stay as a student, in a private school (Lakeside), when he happened to study Altair in a scientific journal Popular Electronics. Before that time he had discovered that he had knack for programming when he first time looked at Teletype and one other machine. His mathematics kept kindling his passion of writing programming. And this fondness had introduced to him Paul Ellen, thought three years senior to him. At that time Bill Gates and Paul Ellen were 19 and 23 years old respectively. In next year, the company came into being officially, as Microsoft was registered as a trade name with the State Secretary's office of New Mexico. Gates left his in completed university educations. After seven years, Paul Ellen has to resign owing to illness, though he remained in the board of directors. The microsoft exam is not new thing. Microsoft Corporation has introduced meticulous formulated three microsoft exams. These were meant for Windows 3.1, Structured Query Language Server, Local Area Network Manager. Support to the Microsoft Corporation personnel and end user was the objective of these microsoft certification exams. A candidate after going through the necessary knowledge had to successfully attempt least required number of microsoft certification questions in order to stand eligible for a microsoft certificate. This is not only display of Microsoft Corporation's confidence is the examinee's skill but also potential of offering more opportunities. Earlier all each microsoft online test was being managed by the Microsoft Corporation. But later on, the Microsoft Corporation placed this responsibility on Prometric testing centers. At the time when these microsoft certifications were introduced, there was no concept of microsoft braindump and it took time to appear in the market. Testking is one of those source from where a person can buy latest microsoft test practice engine.

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The Microsoft Corporation has become synonym of personal computer operating system. The Microsoft Corporation, simultaneously, is the other name of childhood friendship and untiring hard work. This firm has taken start as software making company and with the progress of time its inventory included no computer related products as well. The two childhood friends co-founded this Information Technology concern about thirty six years ago in 1975. These friends are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The first one was exceptionally talented as per his Scholastic Aptitude Test score of 1590 out of 1600. Such great score made his admission possible into one of the prides of American soil, Harvard University. The passion for computers became the foremost factor in rearing friendship between them and later on this relationship brought about a concern that was to rule the sky. However, the initial success change mind of Bill Gates who was on leave from Harvard to shoulder his part in the contract signed by Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS). The company took start by offering software. By chance it was able to exploit a loophole in a Disk Operating System for IBM, this MS- DOS (Microsoft Disc Operating System) provided them sufficient boost. The major boost was delivered by the user interface based personal computer operating system in autumn of 1985. This unleashed fortunes to Microsoft Corporation and elevated this firm to such position in the field of information tech that it would take ages to a new comer to even equal Window rather than surpassing it. As software was the its flagship, so proper handling was required. And this could have been only possible in case of advancement of user's or customer knowledge to level set by the vendor. This push is called microsoft certification exam and on website of Microsoft Corporation there are plenty of microsoft certification exams corresponding the products. If a candidate gets the least required marks in any exam, he or she stands eligible for a microsoft certificate. Being certified is supposed to make the learner a bit more lucky, at least form job availability perspective. There are many methods to update one's knowledge pool, attending a microsoft boot camps is one of them. However, no one can negate the effect of traditional source of learning i.e. a microsoft book. Grabbing a microsoft video for the purpose of microsoft training is quite practical idea but everything cannot be provided in videos. The confirm way to get through the exam is using Teskting microsoft dump.